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You’ve Been Ghosted

I was recently “ghosted,” and had never seen such a tradition. If you come to find that you’ve been ghosted, it’s your duty to make a couple copies of the poem and ghost door sign, make a couple goodie bags, and deliver them to two households of your choice. They should each then do the same, multiplying the ghostings until the whole neighborhood has been ghosted.

Some traditions call this being booed, booing, ghosting, or being ghosted.

As a graphic artist, I couldn’t simply photocopy the sheets given to me. There wasn’t really anything wrong with them, I just felt like making something new. Who knows, maybe some original design might inspire one of the kids it reaches to become an artist.

Feel free to use the PDF to print your own “You’ve Been Ghosted” poem and door ghost sign.
You've-Been-GhostedYou've-Been-GhostedYou’ve Been Ghosted Poem and Ghost Sign (PDF)

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