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Sorrentino’s Spaghetti House – Fish Fry Review

Sorrentino’s Spaghetti House – Fish Fry Review

20130308-211519.jpgDo not get a fish fry from Sorrentino’s Spaghetti House. Is that clear enough? Do you need some more explanation? Fine. Read on.

If you like a delicious, crisply fried, beer-battered fish fry, Sorrentino’s is sure to disappoint. What they offer is deep fried haddock, coated with Italian-style breading. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not terrible, it’s just nothing like the traditional fish fry that you’re seeking.

The specifics

We ordered take-out—so we can’t speak for their dine-in experience—and had very high hopes, because like some of Buffalo’s best fish fries, Sorrentino’s came in a Styrofoam box. We should have been more skeptical, because rather than being served with the usual sides, the Sorrentino’s fish fry comes with soup, coleslaw, tartar sauce, and your choice of French fries, potato salad or pasta. (We’re assuming when they say “pasta” without the word “salad” after it, they mean an actual side of spaghetti.)

The sides

The coleslaw was finely chopped, like Gino’s, and served at 100°F. Needless to say, we stopped eating after a regrettable first forkload, for fear of botulism. The minestrone soup met a similar fate. It had a distinct flavor that can only be described as “Irish Spring Soap.” We opted for French fries, which were crinkle-cut, and only moderately decent.

When it comes to the lack of beer-batter and the use of Italian breadcrumbs on a fish fry, Kate summed it up best. “If I wanted chicken cutlets, I would have made them myself.”