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Curry’s Restaurant – Fish Fry Review


On the insistence of some friends, we broke down and gave Curry’s a shot. Now, unless you’re hanging out at St. Joe’s for some reason, Curry’s won’t be your nearest restaurant for a fish fry. However, unless you’re driving in from Juno, Alaska, your drive will probably be shorter than your wait for a table. That won’t be a big problem, though, because you’ll probably run into some old friends who are also waiting for a table. Especially if you’re with your Italian mother who grew up on Buffalo’s west side—in which case you’ll run into Dolly, who she hasn’t seen in a decade, then other friends of hers will show up shortly thereafter, and while you’re eating dinner, the family’s personal undertaker will be in attendance—I’m not joking.

So, this place must be pretty good, right? Well, yeah, it is.

After our 45-minute wait, we were seated in the bar area. Our waitress promptly took our order, and returned with our drinks, accompanied by three slices of rye bread (one for each of us, we presume).

Our fish fries arrived quickly, and I dug right into the side items. The macaroni salad was dressed perfectly (no one likes sloppy, soupy macaroni salad), and had a touch of tuna fish. The coleslaw was fresh, sweet, and seasoned enough to taste great, while allowing some cabbage flavor to peek through. Not being a huge fan of french fries, I opted for a baked potato—which was good enough that I ate nearly half of it before it dawned on me that I hadn’t even touched the main attraction of my meal.

The fish itself was a bit dry, and the coating could have been crispier. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, and if we found ourselves in the neighborhood at dinner time again, we’d certainly drop by Curry’s again.

But, when it comes down to it, the fish fry at The Shannon Pub was better.

Some notes:

  • Curry’s doesn’t take reservations on Fridays
  • Their fish fry is served daily
  • Don’t expect to park in their parking lot—try the lot across the street
  • The prices on their website are presumably from 1993